pole dancing moves you can learn at homeHi,


My Name is Monique. I am a mother of one beautiful baby girl, a proud wife, and entrepreneur. I am passionate about health and fitness.

I used to have a really good body, I was fit and healthy before my pregnancy. I didn’t really have any complications or anything like that, but I did fall into bad habits. My diet was nowhere and my exercise was limited.

After giving birth, I thought that I would simply slide back into old routines. But I found it extremely difficult to do that. It was demotivating and I lost a lot of confidence. My old workout routines became boring and mundane. And I didn’t have much time to go to the gym. I was searching for alternative exercises that I can do from home that would be fun and would not take up too much of my already limited time.

Then a friend of mine suggested POLE DANCING, out of nowhere… So I bought some online lessons and courses and my life changed dramatically. Pole dancing is so much fun and helped me to gain back strength, flexibility, and confidence. It was a major help in losing weight too.

My article on pole fitness for plus size women is a must read if you are afraid to start pole dancing because you are concerned about your weight or body type.

I love writing and giving advice (sometimes not the best advice, but hey, I’m only human) so I decided to start a blog about pole dancing and dancing in general in the hopes that I can add some value to someone out there.

So I really hope that my readers will find my topics, advice, and reviews honest and helpful.

If you would like to read more about my pole dancing experience or would like to read my reviews and recommendations on what courses are worth the time and money, just follow this link.

Happy Reading 🙂

P.S – Always make sure you have the right pole dancing equipment in order to stay safe!