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Hey! Thanks for dropping by! In my blog, I recommend some products and services that I make use of on a daily basis. While I find these products useful and I love them, I do get a commission from the manufacturers when somebody buys through one of my links.

I run a few businesses and I pride myself on being ethical, therefore I have no problem in sharing this information with my readers.

All the information on this website is provided by me free of charge. I love sharing my experiences and insights and I love helping people who want to learn pole fitness from home. However, because I spend a great deal of time creating unique content for my readers and followers, I believe that it’s only fair to be compensated in a professional manner.

I love providing high quality, unique and free content. But I am also a mother that needs to take care of herself and her family. I, therefore, promote certain affiliate products in order to maintain my lifestyle and to continue to post relevant and quality articles that help others.

An affiliate program works like this. I get paid a small commission or fee for connecting a buyer to a seller. My readers are typically buyers, while the manufacturers of the programs or products are the sellers. They then pay me a percentage of the sale for “referring” buyers to them.

Massive companies like eBay and Amazon make use of affiliate to promote and sell their products for them. there are many smaller companies and individuals that also work in this way. I love promoting smaller quality companies as I like helping out “the little guy”.

all of the services and products I promote is either used by me or has been thoroughly researched in order to make sure I am giving fair and quality advice. The last thing I would want to do is to recommend or promote a product that does not add value to my readers or followers.

By buying a product or service through one of my links, you are supporting me in being able to create more content that can help others. Buying through my links does not cost you as a consumer anything, a portion of the companies profit for that product just get’s paid to me.

My aim is to be fair, follow my passion, and also provide for myself and my family in the best possible way I can. If you ever feel that I am being unfair or biased in any of my articles or reviews, please contact me by email on I will get back to you as soon as possible.

The problem with a lot of websites is that they just want to make some cash and don’t particularly care much about their audience. They just recommend products that they haven’t used or haven’t done any research on. This is often misleading and morally wrong.

I always try to be as transparent as possible with this website and my aim is, to be honest, and truthful.

I am telling you all of these things so that you understand that I am very picky about the products and services I recommend. And while I do make some money if you purchase through my links, I honestly believe that the products and services are of high quality and above standard.

I will only recommend a product or service I truly believe in. Pole fitness and dancing is my passion, and I take it seriously. I am by no means an expert in any of the above, but I believe that I can add value to you by creating articles about the best online dancing and pole dancing courses and lessons to make use of.

My dream is to one day be able to bring out my own products and services. But until my dream becomes a reality, I will continue promoting the best products and services I can find.

I love being able to write about my experiences and I love what I do. I sincerely appreciate your support whether you are just a casual reader or someone who buys something through my links.

Supporting my sponsors is a win-win situation for my readers and myself, as it enables me to continue to bring out high-quality content and to support my family.

Feel free to contact me at any time, your suggestions and constructive criticism is always welcomed.