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The Best Dancing Pole For Home Use – All You Need To Know

Picking The Right Dance Pole For Your Home

What is the best pole for home use, and why is it so important?

So when I started out with pole dancing, I made the unfortunate mistake of buying a low-quality pole.

Don’t get me wrong, the price wasn’t low, which was a bit deceiving, but I nearly had many accidents that could have caused some serious harm to me.

I didn’t have the right equipment, and it cost me a lot of money, time and effort.

the best pole dance poleI wouldn’t want any of my readers or beginner pole dancers to repeat my mistakes.

So I decided to write a bit of a guide as to which poles are trustworthy and what type of equipment you need.

Maybe you are just getting started and want to make sure you choose the correct equipment, or maybe you are looking for a bit of an upgrade or reassurance.

Pole fitness is my absolute favorite sport and I just love the way it makes me look and feel.

I love to share my experience with others and I love promoting pole fitness.

I trust you will find some value in this quick guide and review of the best pole for home use and equipment available today.

Full-bodied women who are a bit heavier than most should read my article on pole fitness for plus size women in conjunction with this article.

It will give some valuable insights, tips, and necessary safety precautions.

There are many considerations that need to be taken into account when choosing the best dance pole for you and your home.

A high-quality dance pole that is safe to use often comes with a pretty price tag, so you will be wanting to choose the right one for you from the get-go.

I get all of my pole equipment from X-Pole.

I have never had any issues with their quality or their service. My recommendation has always been to get good quality equipment from a reputable brand like X-Pole.

In my opinion, X-Pole has the best quality and value for money dancing poles on the market.

Better yet, most of their dancing poles are specifically designed for use at home.

If you are looking for some of the best online pole dancing courses that you can do at home, you can read my article about online pole dancing lessons.

I have recommended a few good courses that will challenge you if you are experienced and will teach you if you are a complete newbie.

Considerations Before Buying a Dancing Pole For Your Home:

  • Your Budget

Depending on the type and style of pole you would like, a decent quality dance pole can range anywhere from $100 – $600 and even more if you like fancy and shiny things.

There are many factors that affect the x pole dance polecost of a pole.

The main factors are the material the dance pole is made out of, the design style, whether it is a static pole or a spin pole and whether the pole is removable or fixed in place.

One very important thing to remember is that you should NEVER compromise your health and safety by buying a cheap pole.

Doing this could lead to some serious injuries down the road.

Be on the lookout for cheap materials, don’t buy a pole that has any plastic or thin metal, this could be structurally unsound.

You get what you pay for with dance poles.

Thicker metal, stronger bearings, and chrome finishes cost more money, it’s just a fact.

But opting for a higher quality pole would mean that the pole would last longer and be strong enough to swing from and do the oh-so-cool maneuvers that I’m sure you are dying to try out.

My personal favorite pole to use is the X-Pole X-Pert Spin Pole. It is a removable pole.

I use it on a daily basis and I practically swear by it.

There are many different options to choose from which would cater to your budget.

X-Pole focusses on quality safe poles and therefore it is not the cheapest out there but is my recommended brand.

x pole review

A high-quality dance pole is an investment in yourself and your quality of life, it is not worth taking the cheap alternative only to regret it later, just like I did.

  • The layout of your homes floor and ceiling

Take note of this one before purchasing a dance pole for your home.

A lot of people are very worried about how to install the pole correctly, and they often have concerns that the pole could damage the floor and ceiling.

Again, this comes back to the quality of pole you buy.

which pole dance pole to buyA high-quality pole will rarely if ever damage your home.

You need to make sure to install the pole properly by diligently following the manufacturer’s instructions.

A good idea would be to ask a professional carpenter to assess and check out your floor and ceiling before installation to make sure everything is structurally sound.

It pays to be safe and will give you peace of mind knowing that you pole is correctly installed.

You will need to know your ceiling height before purchasing your pole.

It is essential to know this as most poles will fit a ceiling of 7.5ft to 9ft high. If your ceiling is higher than this, you will most likely need to purchase extra extension poles to fit your ceiling.

Extension poles are often brand specific so be sure not to mix and match brands.

  • Permanent Poles

These poles are permanently fixed to secure beams in your ceiling to offer the maximum strength and safety.

Most people opt for a removable pole because they think it’s too much of a mission to remove the pole if you want it moved.

But the reality is that it is pretty easy to remove the brackets and fill in small holes and then paint over it. It would be like it was never there.


One of the main benefits of a permanent pole is that you can install them on vaulted or slanted ceilings.

So if you are one of those people who was cursing their lack of flat ceilings, this is the solution for you.

  • Removable Poles

When looking for a dance pole for home use, a removable pole is by far the most common choice.

It is probably your best pole for home use as it is so versatile.

This pole is held in place by applying pressure between the ceiling and the floor. There are no screws required and it is easy to remove and install in other places.

removable pole dance poleThis is the type of pole that I personally use on the daily.

The one major disadvantage is that it may cause some damage to your ceiling or floors. It is quite common to see some ceiling cracks after a while of use.

Don’t worry, these cracks don’t typically compromise the structural integrity of the pole and it is pretty easy to fix small cracks.

Here are some products that help to avoid ceiling and floor damage:

Bottom Landing PoleX-Pole has developed a bottom landing pole which makes it a lot easier to install your pole. A ladder is not needed and you can adjust the pressure of the pole from the bottom.

learn how to pole dance

X-Joint Technology – This is exclusive to X-Pole. One of the reasons for damage and poles falling down is weak joints that are made of thin metal and short threads.

X-Joints don’t use threads but rather use long metal tubes that can expand and retract.

  • The Type Of Pole (Spinning or Static)

The type of pole you choose will depend on what you intend to do with it. Pole fitness is the main use of dancing poles at home.

The most common pole is a pole that can accommodate static and spinning maneuvers.

dance poles

A static pole is often a little bit cheaper, but once you start becoming more advanced in your pole routine, you will want a spinning one.

I recommend saving up and going straight for the spinning pole as it will save you money in the long run.

The main reason for a spinning pole is that you can hold the pole in a move while the pole rotates, offering a better poling experience.

Trust me, it is a lot of FUN to do and to watch.

  • Decide on The Type of Finish

There are several types of finishes that you can choose from, either for the look and feel or for the functionality of the materials used.

A chrome finish is the most popular and is best for general use, while a stainless steel finish is good for those who have allergies or sensitive skin.

If you have a nickel allergy, you would want to opt for a stainless steel pole, as the allergy is triggered by the chrome plating of the standard chrome poles.

The stainless steel poles are also weather resistant, so if the only place you have available for the pole is outside, then this would be a good option for you.

different pole dance pole fineshes available

If you plan on competing in the future, it will be worth it to go for a 45mm chrome plated pole as this is the standard pole that is used in competitions.

This would then be the best size and material to train on.

Below are a few of the available finishes:

  1. Silicone Sleeved. These have extremely high grip, and it is recommended to be fully clothed when using this type of pole as you could get some nasty friction burns with bare skin.
  2. Powder Coated in various colors
  3. Brass for a better grip. This is the most common pole used for those who struggle with poor grip.
  4. Titanium Gold finish for a better grip
  5. Chrome, which is the most popular
  6. Stainless steel for those who have sensitive skin

All in all, the finish is up to you and your personal preference. I just have a standard chrome plated pole which I use every day for static and spinning purposes.

  • Pick Your Pole Size

This is something you need not worry too much about. The standard and most common size of a dance pole is 45mm and is the recommended size, it is the most widely used pole and is perfect for pole fitness at home.

Most X-Pole dance poles are 45mm.

There are different sizes available if you prefer it, the sizes range from 40mm up to 50mm in diameter.

Like I said, the most common size is 45mm and most people shouldn’t have any problem with this size.

  • Crash Mats

A crash mat is always a good idea for beginners and more advanced polers alike. Once you start learning to go upside down, things can get a bit tricky and scary.

A crash mat is there to give you some peace of mind and offer some sort of safety precaution. Crash mats, as well as pole cleaner, is available from the X-Pole website.

  • Grip Aids

x-pole pole grip solutionMost beginners will have problems with their grip strength. This is something that only gets better with time and practice.

I recommend every beginner to get a grip aid like Dry Hands in order to help out with your grip until you are strong enough.

Your grip might be strong enough when you are static on the pole, but spinning or swinging moves require a lot more grip strength.

My Final Thoughts And Conclusion

Personal preference is a major factor in selecting the correct dancing pole for your home.

A lot of beginner pole dancers would have limited or no experience with different types of poles.

I would then recommend going for the standard chrome plated pole that is 45mm in diameter.

I would also recommend a removable pole if your floors and ceilings allow for it.

Remember to stay safe and do the basics right. I have written an article about common pole dancing mistakes that could lead to injury.

Please have a read if you are not sure what to look out for.

I buy all of my pole dance equipment from X-Pole. They are the leaders in the field and I have not had any issues with their poles or other accessories. They also have some awesome DVD’s for sale.

buy x pole pole dance poles

If you haven’t decided whether to get started with pole fitness or dancing, maybe my article on the top 6 reasons why you should start pole dancing for fitness will sway you.


pole dancing moves you can learn at home

If you want to read a bit more about me and learn who I am and discover a bit of my background, you can click on my picture or click on this link.

I hope this article was informative.

All comments and questions are welcome. 🙂


If you are interested in learning how to pole dance from home or want to take online pole dancing lessons.

You can read my article about how to learn how to pole dance at home.

I explain all the basics and recommend a few courses that I make use of on a daily basis.

X-Pole XPert

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