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Take the Lead: Learn to Dance Online

Take the Lead: Learn Ballroom Dancing in Just 1.5 hours!

Are you scared to dance in public? Then, learn to dance at home.

Social dancing refers to flaunting your moves at a public gathering. For most people, it is frightening and a time to panic. 

For you, it will be different. Why? Leon and Kim from Learn-To-Dance, have an excellent crash course, which impacts serious ballroom dancing skills to beginners, in just 90 minutes.

The Social Dancing Crash is an introduction to ballroom dancing from the pros. It is wonderfully illustrated; learning to dance online has never been easier.

With the course:

  •           Dance Anywhere: Acquire moves for any social event including weddings, end year corporate parties, and other social events.
  •           Move Smoothly: Avoid stepping on toes or bumping into people as you sway your date across the room. If you are a man, with this course, you will take the lead as your date follows. 
  •          No more remarks that you don’t know how to dance. All it takes is a few videos and you all set.
  •         Take things Slow! If you don’t want the pressure of dancing in a studio environment, opt for the video Social Dancing Crash Course, it is perfect for confidence building.
  •          Dance 3 Ballroom Styles: Some styles like Rhumba, Waltz, and Swing taught in the introductory course can accompany any music.
  •           Stream and Learn: Regardless if you are in a resort in California or an Island in the Caribbean, just download the HD videos and learn to dance online.


Guide to Beginner Ballroom Dancing Lessons


Ballroom dancing has a long, rich history. The first ball-room dances are thought to have begun in the 16th century. In the 19th century, the waltz was in full swing in England. With music genres such as jazz emerging in the 20th century, new ballroom dancing styles emerged and took root worldwide.


Now, it is undertaken competitively and for recreation purposes. Mainstream styles have become numerous which include Cha-Cha, Foxtrot, Merengue, Tango, Swing, Rumba, Waltz, and Salsa. Learn-To-Dance offers free introductory video guides, with premium dance courses also provided.


A Guide on How to Learn Dance Steps at Home


1.        Waltz


It is a must learn dance that is easy to execute. Since the 16th century, people have relished this fantastic dance, and you should too. Get started with some free videos here: 


2.        Cha-Cha Dance Steps for Beginners


It is a mix of mambo and rumba featuring quick, sharp leg movements. Previously it was called Cha-Cha-Cha depicting its triple step moves. Being cheeky fun, you must try it with your partner.


3.        East Coast Swing


Prepare to break a sweat, with this energetic dance. It combines flicks, turns and kicks influenced by rock n roll and Lindy hop. Ready to swing? Start now:


4.        Rumba


Rumba, rumba, rumba! Express yourself through this sexy Cuban dance. Luckily, there are slow and quick movements. With some control and patience, you learn quickly. 


5.        Salsa


With salsa dancing moves, prepare to amaze at any social event. If you are groom to be, know how to lead and bride, how to follow. From Latin, all the moves are initiated by the man.


6.        Foxtrot


It is a basic dance for beginners that instruct you on how to travel across the ballroom. The man will lead, by pushing the dancing leg.


7.        Tango


Tango is all about expression of passion. Before tangoing like a pro, learn three beginner moves for free.


8.        Merengue


If you are looking for easiest of the dances, this style is just for you. In fact, if you know how to walk, you already well-versed in Merengue.



For all these styles start the journey at Learn-to-Dance; the best source of learn to dance at home videos.

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