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8 Common Questions About Pole Fitness and Dancing

pole dancing moves you can learn at homeSo there are many misconceptions, muddled information, half-truths and whole lies about pole fitness and dancing.

A lot of people don’t understand what it’s about and they have a lot of questions surrounding the subject. Pole fitness is rapidly gaining in popularity, and for good reason.

I have rounded up the top 8 most asked questions relating to pole dancing and pole fitness.

Hopefully, it will give you some more clarity and drive to try it out for yourself.

So let’s jump right into it:

   1. What is Pole Fitness?

It is a modern-day sport which combines elements of acrobatics, cardio, and strength training.

It is a full body workout suitable for men and women and it will knock the socks off of your old workout routines! It

pole exercises you can do at home

is fun and easy to get started.

Pole fitness is physically demanding on all of your muscles. A few short weeks will have you feeling and looking stronger, more flexible, and more confident.

Pole fitness is an art form and while it is easy to start out as a beginner, the skill cap is extremely high. You will therefore never get bored and will always have something to work towards.

The combination of gymnastics and dance moves make it a graceful sport that is skyrocketing in popularity.

It is an exercise that can be performed at home or at a physical class. I prefer home workout routines as I like my privacy and my setup at .

There are many competitions to enter as well if you are the competitive type.

It is an all-around comprehensive workout that will have your mind and body working simultaneously. You will burn fat, become more flexible, increase your strength and wow your friends and family!

   2. How Do I Start Pole Fitness?

pole dance moves at homeThere are two main ways you can get into pole dancing.

  1. Join a pole fitness or dancing class in your area.
  2. Get started at home with some online classes.

Option 1 could be a little pricey as classes are often expensive. The other downside would be that a lot of people getting started with pole fitness feel awkward and self-conscious in the beginning.

The major positive is that you get to practice in a group and get some much-needed hands-on help.

Option 2 is my preferred choice. I like practicing at home and it has never been easier. You will need two main things to get started at home. The first would be a dance pole. I’m a big advocate of X-Pole, they are the leaders in pole dance equipment.

I have written a more comprehensive guide to choosing the best dance pole for home use. It would be a good read for anyone wanting to get started or wanting to get a new pole.

The other thing that you will need to get started at home, would be a good online course. I prefer Amber Starr’s home pole dancing course. I make use of it every day and it gets updated regularly.

The cost of a course like this is a fraction of what you will pay for physical classes. So if you are not sure if it is for you, you might want to go with this option.

The main thing is to just take action, jump in and see for yourself. I know pole fitness has completely changed my life and workout routines.

   3. How Hard is Pole Dancing and Pole Fitness?

The answer to this one is a bit tricky…. It is easy to star, but difficult to master.

It is important to start at the beginning with a good instructor. The basics of pole fitness are crucial as it will form the right foundation for you. It will also help to prevent injuries in the future.

Almost anyone can start pole fitness at a beginner level, your progress will be determined by how much work you put in. As explained before, there is a high skill cap to pole fitness. So you will have a lot to strive for.

My advice would be to get started and don’t skip the basics. Pole fitness should be seen as a journey and there is no reason to rush. It an extremely fun and satisfying sport to get involved in.

   4. Why Is Pole Dancing Considered a Good Exercise?

There are very many physical, emotional and social benefits of pole dancing and fitness:

  • Sculpt and tone your upper and lower body particularly the arms, tummy, shoulders, thighs, and bottom
  • Burns fat
  • Increases flexibility and coordination
  • Promotes muscle endurance and stamina
  • Increases bone density
  • Improves core strength allowing you to perform everyday tasks with greater ease
  • Boost your self-esteem and feel a sense of achievement
  • Build greater self-confidence
  • Alleviate stress with regular exercise that “really is” fun

pole dancing and weight lossAnother great thing is that it can be performed and practiced at home, making it convenient.

If you are like me, then you lead a very busy lifestyle. I only have about 45 minutes a day to exercise, and pole fitness is the perfect compliment for someone who has limited time.

There are plenty of reasons to start pole fitness and give it a try. I could probably write an entire essay about it.


   5. Can Pole Dancing Help You Get a Flat Tummy?

The short answer is yes!

lose weight with pole dancing and pole fitnessI’m sure by now this is self-explanatory. Pole fitness is no joke when it comes to burning calories. You can burn in excess of 500 calories in a session.

I would say it is considerably easier to get a flat stomach and maintain it with pole fitness. The reason for this is that most people struggle to stay consistent in their exercise routine.

When your routine is fun and not a hassle or a chore, you will find that the long-term benefits are unmatched.

Exercise alone will never be the answer to a good looking body. A healthy diet is always necessary to keep your metabolism fast and to shed unwanted weight.

   6. Why is Pole Dancing so Popular Nowadays?

People have realized that pole dancing isn’t just one thing in particular. Even though it has its roots in the exotic side of things, pole dancing is becoming more and more accepted.

Pole fitness truly is a sport!

It takes an incredible amount of strength, flexibility, and balance to hold some moves. Pole dancers make this looklearn to pole dance at home effortless but the reality is that it could take years to master some of the more technical moves.

It is an amazing confidence booster and almost anyone can get started. The fact that it is a full body exercise and super fun at the same time makes it a no-brainer.

There are few exercises that can be done at home, build strength, increase flexibility and balance and also build confidence in the way that pole fitness does.

It is only recently that people have started taking notice of the many benefits both mentally and physically. The stigma of pole dancing being a “stripper thing” is fast disappearing.

   7. What Should I Wear to a Pole Fitness Class?

Forget about the stereotype… And no, you do not have to wear a skimpy skirt and high heels!

pole fitness exercisesSocks are the recommended footwear for beginners, tights or leggings are suitable. Shorts, tank tops, and tight-fitting fitness clothing are best.

When you progress through the levels, more skin is necessary as skin grips the pole more efficiently than any item of clothing. You shouldn’t worry about this at the beginner level as you won’t be doing much aerial work.

It is important to remember not to put on any oily creams before doing your routine. This is obviously for your own safety as I am sure nobody wants to slide down the pole and fall on their face.

Pretty much all the clothing you will need can be bought from Amazon at a good price.

   8. Is Pole Dancing Dangerous?

x-pole dance poleIt can be. Just like any exercise, if you do not have a good foundation or your technique is questionable, then you could end up with some nasty injuries.

That is why I recommend a good course with a good instructor that will teach you the basics in the correct manner.

A good quality dance pole is also necessary to stay safe. I see it way too often: someone skimps on the quality of their pole equipment to save a few bucks. I have done this in the past and it was a terrible decision.

I’m not saying buy a crazy expensive pole, but it is in your best interest to get one that will last longer and will be safe to use on a daily basis.

There are very many mistakes that I see beginners making that could compromise safety. But if you follow a good program or instructor, you will not have any problems.


Pole fitness and dancing is an amazing exercise. As I have explained above, there are numerous benefits both physically and mentally.

It is by far my favorite exercise, and I can’t live without it.

There is far too much misinformation about pole fitness and dancing. And I am glad I got the chance to debunk some myths and answer some questions.

My advice would be to give it a try for yourself, it will do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem.

Have a look at the video below if you are still on the fence 🙂

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